Hey there! My name is Abby. 

The first thing you should know about me is I love the South. I love the mystery that seeps from its tree branches and ancient graveyards. I love its wraparound porches bursting with baskets of ferns. I love grappling with its complicated history and learning from the people — all of the people — who tell its stories. And I love Southern food, which is the best in the world because it often comes with a hug and a prayer.

My roots run deep in North Carolina. I'm a Moravian through my mama's daddy, and I'm really proud of that heritage. I'm also a beach lover, a mountain goer, and a Tar Heel. You can be all of those things when you're lucky enough to be from around these parts.

I live in the house my grandparents built, which includes the kitchen where I learned to cook under the watchful eye of my beautiful Maw Maw Rachel. My writing is dedicated to her and my mama — the best Southern cooks I've ever met.