· About Abby

November 2011

Hi. My name is Abby, and I live in the beautiful state of North Carolina. I know a lot of people think that their state is the best, but in North Carolina we have the best of all worlds: the mountains, the beach and the rolling hills of the Piedmont (where you'll find me.) We also have Cheerwine, barbecue and the Tarheels. There are few things I like better in the world than a hot, sultry, summer day at the beach; a cool, crisp, bright day in the mountains; or a muggy, lightning-bug filled evening at home. Uh-huh. I can hear you: Maybe we need to visit North Carolina one of these days. Y'all should. And yes, I really do say y'all on a regular basis.

Bath sailboats

I love to travel and cook, and I'm trying to decide if I really like to write or if this blogging journey is just a narcissistic attempt at chronicling my life for future generations. (Wow, that was a mouthful!) There were days in college when I held the grand illusion that my English major would be my stepping stone into the literary world and that a great American novel would fall from my mind. Yeah. That hasn't happened yet. Thank God I went to journalism school, too.

More atop Mount Jefferson

I live in the house that my grandparents built, and I'm very slowly remodeling it with my husband. With that house came a muscadine grapevine that supplies my family with the only grape jelly any of us will touch; a yard that's too big for us to take care of but not too big for us to love; a brick patio where family memories are made as often as possible; and the kitchen where I learned to cook under the watchful eye of my beautiful grandmother Rachel. My food blog (successes and fiascos alike) are dedicated to her, my mama and the other women in my family - the best Southern cooks I've ever met.

Bounty. Maggie's hands.

Life around here is blessedly predictable. I have a wonderful husband and two sons. I have a good job, a full pantry, and a roof over my head. And I have the struggles every woman faces: how to lose weight; what to make for dinner; and how to raise my family. Anyway, welcome to my life. It's sometimes boring, it's sometimes interesting, and it's most of the time stressful. That's where this lil' piece of the web comes in—cooking and baking always help me unwind. So pull up a chair, grab a glass of sweet tea, and stay awhile.