Blondies with Chocolate Chips and Walnuts

Blondies with Chocolate Chips and Walnuts

Do you know the difference between blondies and brownies? I do: Blondies are a blond color and brownies are a brown color. Makes sense, right? Right. And how would you describe the texture of brownies? I'd call them chewy.* And blondies? They're chewy, too. So, dear husband of mine, blondies are not chewies because brownies are chewy, too.

Sorry to get you guys involved in our little marital dispute, but my husband's insistence on calling blondies chewies drives me bonkers. Every time I make these, which is pretty often, he calls them chewies and I say no! They're brownies! And ... sorry, there I go again.

If I had to choose I'd choose brownies, but sometimes I want a sweet, chewy dessert with a hint of chocolate, which is exactly where blondies come in. I love their brown-sugary, buttery taste with a bite of chocolate here and there. They're a lot like chocolate-chip cookies, honestly, but more dense. And they're obviously much quicker because there isn't all that scooping and baking sheet by sheet.

So how about you? Brownies or blondies? Or a little of both?

Recipe was originally found in Martha Stewart's Everyday Food, Sept. 2007.

*Okay, okay. I give in to the fact that brownies are also often cakey or fudgy or dense. But they're still chewy no matter what! That's why I like them.

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