Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes

Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes

Hello. My name is Abby. And I'm a recipe-aholic.

Okay, so maybe I'm making light of a serious subject, but still - I'm addicted to recipes. (And I know I'm not the only one out there - stand up and be counted!) I have more cookbooks than I really need (and use.) I have email folders (in two accounts) dedicated to Recipes and Dessert Recipes. I have folders on my desktop filled with recipes I've culled from the Internet and cut and pasted into Word documents. I have a 3-ring binder of recipes I've had for at least 10 years (which holds many that I do in fact still use, thank you very much.) And I have a ridiculous number of manilla folders in my cabinet that are labeled and organized.

In other words - there is absolutely no way I'll ever - ever - get through all these recipes. I'd have to make 4 new dishes a day! Sometimes you don't want a new dish - you want something you've made before that you know will hit the spot. Kind of like these Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes from The Kitchn.

Whatever you do - clip this recipe and use it - you'll put it in permanent rotation, too. I promise.

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