I Do. And a Big Piece of Cake!


Two years ago today I married my loving husband, Brad. It was a wonderful day, thanks to my gracious parents, and we will always remember it fondly. Everything went perfectly - our guests enjoyed themselves; the mishaps were few; and the food was fabulous! Our menu? Long and appetizing: hot cider and gingersnaps outside for guests mingling in the cool night air, followed by a buffet of honey-baked ham, chicken fingers and prime rib, along with garlic-roasted red potatoes, rice pilaf, honey-glazed carrots, green beans with bacon, almonds and garlic, and two kinds of bread. There was also a dessert buffet with red-velvet cake, three kinds of cheesecake, brownie bites, chocolate and pecan pies, several kinds of cookies, and a few caramel apples for the kids! It was quite a spread, without a doubt.

It was our cake, however, that, well, took the cake! It was a towering display of rich buttercream-covered chocolate poundcake decorated with dark chocolate swirls - I wanted a Southern wedding and I got it - right down to the most important piece of wedding food of all! As a self-professed foodie and kitchen-obsessed bride the food was of ultimate importance to me. Add to that the fact that I refused to have "wedding food" that no one enjoyed - it was a night to remember! My goal was for our guests to be wowed by everything - the decor and the food - and for them to leave with full hearts and happy stomachs.

I love Brad with all my heart, and I know that these first two years are just the beginning of a long life together. He is my light, and he makes me shine. And how do I know he's the one? Well, he has a sweet tooth - it's how he caught such a sweet baker, dontcha know! So ... no recipe today - just a few memories! Tell me, if you're married, what kind of wedding cake did you have? And if you aren't married, what is your favorite birthday cake? Or do you have a dream wedding cake all planned out?