Brownie Peanut Butter Cups

Brownie Peanut Butter Cups

I love brownies, as evidenced here and here. When it comes to desserts I'm not much of a cake person. I love to bake cakes, but when it comes to the sugar I consume I'd much rather have pies, cookies or brownies. Not long ago I read about the great brownie debate and decided that I'm in the fudgy, chewy camp. Cake-like brownies, as I mentioned above, don't really trip my trigger. Give me a warm, chocolatey brownie that gives a little when you bite into it, however, and I'm all yours. But man (or food blogger) does not live by plain chocolate alone....

Peanut butter, in my opinion, was made for chocolate (and bread and honey sandwiches, but that's a different subject.) Are there really people out there who don't like chocolate and peanut butter together? Would you really turn down a Reese's cup? (They are one of my true weaknesses.) Would you really say no thanks to a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips? (Hmmm. I gotta try that one, myself.) And would you really reject a warm, gooey, fudgy, brownie muffin with peanut butter and mini peanut butter cups on top?

I thought not!

I loved this recipe as soon as I saw it. It makes exactly a dozen muffins, which is the perfect number to keep one for yourself (and the other chocolate fiends in your house) and give away the rest - in cute little packages, if you wish! They're the perfect size; they might be rich and gooey, but just when you think you can't handle another bite you realize you've eaten the whole thing, and your chocolate craving has been satisfied. And the best thing? In true muffin fashion they come together so easily and so quickly that you can hardly believe you just made homemade brownies.

Now that's what I call perfection.

Brownie Peanut Butter Cups
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