Flour Tortilla Pizza


I love pizza. It's one of the few foods I actually crave. I've eaten pizza across the world (what I had in Italy was, yes, the best), but I've ordered it in Finland, too, and more often than not it's the first thing I want to eat when my plane hits U.S. soil after a trip abroad. I like frozen pizzas (Totino's is my fave - and yes, I know it hardly qualifies as pizza, but it makes me think of college! You know, because it's cheap.) I love Papa John's thin-crust, Pizza Hut's deep dish, and my local Italian eatery's hand-tossed. I even have a soft-spot for Chef Boyardee - even though that one's mostly due to nostalgia.

This love for pizza is really no surprise because I also love bread. I think that's why I love American pizza so much - the crust plays such an important role. But honestly? I can do without that cheese-stuffed ... stuff. I'll keep my cheese on top, thanks. Thin and crispy or thick and chewy - I'm usually in the mood for one of them. But homemade pizza at home? That's not something I'm usually excited about because it means there will be yeast and kneading and waiting involved. (I'm not a particularly patient individual. Ahem.) Fortunately, Food and Paper solved this for me and gave me a fabulous recipe for guests, too! Individual pizzas baked on flour tortillas? Yes! It works! It's quite authentic tasting, too. And did I mention cheap?

These little pizzas were great - and my friends helped put them together, which made them even more fun. The toppings are certainly flexible - and the ricotta mixture goes well with anything you choose. I went with more of those tomatoes out of my dad's garden, fresh slivers of basil, pine nuts and a bit of fresh lemon zest. Simple. Bliss. So tell me, what do you like on your pizza? And don't forget to mention the crust!

For the Pizzas

You can find the recipe for the pizzas here, where there is also a recipe for roasted tomatoes. My recipe for roasted tomatoes is here. Of course, fresh-roasted tomatoes are optional. Live it up! Try something new! And be sure to tell me all about it.