BOO! (Devil's Food Halloween Skull Cupcakes)

Skeleton Cupcakes

Bats, goblins, ghosts and SKELETONS! Sugary, sweet, crunchy skeletons to be exact - all for me and the little ghouls at work. Making cupcakes is fast becoming one of my favorite things to do, and the more often I do it the better they turn out. These creepy cupcakes, from a recipe courtesy of Chockylit at Cupcake Bakeshop, were perfectly baked - moist, chocolaty and exactly sweet enough. They'll be more than the perfect treats tonight at work!

I love Halloween, and I always have. My costumes in college ranged from a smurf to a clown to a witch to something ... dead ... to a Roman goddess. Yes, in college! I was in Chapel Thrill, afterall, and its Halloween party is one of legend. Chocolate, peanut butter, suckers - you name it - I'm still a candy fiend. Haunted houses, scary movies, hayrides - they're the things that memories are made of! What are your favorite Halloween memories?

Skeleton Cupcakes

Decorating cupcakes is 75% of the fun. Sure, baking them is satisfying, but seeing them come together in the end is the best part. It can be tough, however, to find adorable decorations such as these sugar skulls where I live. Sure, we have the big-box craft stores, but their holiday cupcake decor just doesn't always satisfy me. So all I can say is thank goodness for eBay! I have found the most incredible decorations for every holiday there, and you just can't beat the prices.

The only ghoul I have at home right now is Brad, and my schedule doesn't allow for Halloween parties, but I can't wait until I have more time in the future to make these for all the little witches and wizards in the neighborhood. They'll be a hit at my party - and yours - for sure. Happy Halloween!

Skeleton Cupcakes

The recipe for these cakes is Chockylit's for Devil's Food - fitting, don't you think, on this darkest of holidays? I also used one of Chockylit's recipes for the frosting, Vanilla and Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. (You have to scroll a bit, past the ice-cream cones. And I didn't make any of it chocolate, obviously.) The sugar skulls and black sugar glitter were found on eBay. Bake and enjoy these with the little spirits in your house tonight!