I've Been Tagged!

I've read lots of these things, and I've now been tagged to do my first meme by the awesome West Coast Food Blogga. (You should hear her rap. OK. I jest.)

Seven random things about myself:

1. I am deathly afraid of any and all costumed beings: Santa, Disney characters, even my beloved Tarheel Mascot, Ramses. I feel like they're hiding from me, or maybe making fun of me inside there, and it freaks. me. out.

2. The bigger the boat the more sick it makes me. Small boats are cool, but put me on a ferry or a cruise ship and I'm sick as a dog. Every time.

3. I'm a true editor. Math and science elude me. I failed astronomy in college and passed business calculus by the skin of my teeth. Don't even ASK me why I took them in the first place - I have a death wish, apparently, and I think I'm an invincible superheroine. I'm totally not.

4. When I was a kid I ate an orange cream popsicle and promptly threw it up. The combination is one of the worst ever and if I even hear about it - as in my co-workers love those orange-cream shakes from Sonic - I gag. Excuse me while I go do it now. Gag.

5. But on the other hand I could eat a Snickers bar and drink a glass of orange juice every day. That combination doesn't bother me at all. Go figure.

6. I saw my mom come home one Christmas Eve when I was about 4 or 5. She had a big orange and yellow car in the back seat. I saw that same car the next morning when we were opening gifts from Santa. I think that's what set me off on this practical, realistic lifestyle that I lead.

7. I love traveling abroad and learning about other cultures, and I've been lucky enough to do a lot of just that, but I'd be just as happy traveling in the U.S. The people here are so different and there are so many different cultures right on my doorstep. I love that.

Another meme tomorrow, maybe, but for this one I tag:
Kara, Amy (Maybe this will get her to post?), Rachel, Patricia and Ani