Mini Pecan Pies

mini pecan pies lede

I've been wanting to make pecan tarts for a very long time. I clipped this recipe (mini pecan pies) at quite a while ago. (The time thing? I had planned to make these before Christmas, and then at Christmas!) Pecan pie is a favorite of mine, but it's often waaay too sweet for my liking. I'm happy to say that this recipe is just sweet enough. I'll also admit up front that I used ready-made pie crust. I can make pie crust, and I have made it, but it was Sunday when I made these and I wasn't up for a lot of extra work. You know, all that rolling and such. Besides, Sunday is a day of rest, isn't it?

These were very good, and I think that making them in muffin tins helped the crust crisp. The toppers were my idea to use up the extra pie dough; I cut them out with fondant cutters. I rubbed a bit of egg white and sprinkled a bit of sugar on them, and I'm very pleased with how they came out. I only got one complaint at work; I suppose you could really call it a suggestion: "Next time, TRIPLE the recipe!"

So there you go.