Friday, November 16, 2007

My Birthday Boy

Brad turned 30 yesterday. OK. He actually turned 27, but his face scrunches up in this cute and angry way when I say 30 ... so I keep saying it. And honestly? What is so wrong with 30? I'll be there before him, and he *knows* this so he's obviously not trying to win any points. Men.

He wanted me to make dinner for him and our family last night, and although I was super-busy and wanted to do it on Friday he said he'd rather have it on his actual birthday. You know. Like he's 12. OK - so maybe I'm being too harsh, but I love to pick on him - and don't worry, he loves when I pick. It's what makes our relationship spin 'round. Yes, we're odd.

My mom came to the rescue: shopping and helping cook all the while toting in gifts to spoil Brad even more. If it's one thing we do right in my family it's birthdays. They are always days to celebrate, days to spoil that special person, and days to get gifts! Yes, we especially love that last part.

I wrote up the menu (after Brad requested it) and made a grocery list, of which my mom shopped for while I was at work. It was an easy menu: pancakes - grits - sausage - hashbrowns. Granted, they're foods you have to make simultaneously and get on the table while they're hot, but with my prep work and my mom cooking - it all went smoothly. Thanks, mama!

The pancakes were not a new recipe - I've made them before - but this time I left out the blueberries. If you remember nothing else, remember this: Don't neglect the lemon zest! These pancakes are easy to throw together and make a quick, hot weekday meal. And that cake? Fabulous, isn't it? Yeah. I didn't make it. We bought it from a church member who makes cakes for an area restaurant. To-die-for.

I just stuck in the candles. And lit them. And watched as Brad tried to blow them out but they kept sparking and relighting. I mean seriously, isn't that what birthdays are all about?


  1. Happy Birthday to your Birthday Boy. I am totally the same way, I like to celebrate my birthday ON my birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday to Brad!! And there is nothing wrong with 30 - I just turned 30 in September. And I'm 10 months older than my husband, and he reminds me daily that I am now officially old. I can't wait until he turns 30....

  3. I won't wish Brad a happy birthday since it's one closer to 30 and well, I'm with him dreading reaching the big 3-0.

    But I must know which local restaurant your friend makes cakes for? I see in your old post about the pancakes that you all love Midtown... that was a staple in my WFU diet... but why did they stop serving dinner?

  4. Thanks for all the well wishes! I'll pass them on to the Birthday Boy

    Kara: Carolyn's husband is a chef at the Chop House downtown, and she makes desserts for them. She also sells them out-of-house for all kinds of people - even a few race-car drivers!

    The owners of Midtown opened a new restaurant on Robinhood Road: Riverbirch Lodge. It has a very different menu - steaks and wild game and such, and it's only open for lunch and dinner, I think. I'm guessing that the owners just didn't want to run two places at once. I HATE that Midtown closes for dinner, though, we used to go there ALL the time.

  5. Wow... what a coincidence! It was my man's birthday too yesterday! :) I'll have a post up later... but it sounds like you guys had a great day! Happy Birthday to your birthday boy!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! November 15th is a most excellent day for a birthday celebration - wink wink. :)

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  7. I CANNOT LET MICHAEL READ THIS!!! HE WOULD BE SO JEALOUS OF THAT CAKE!!! The poor boy was eating a gluten-free cake, which was good, but you know... just not as good as well... a box mix... LOL I'm so glad Brad had a wonderful birthday! You DO do birthdays right!!!

  8. 30 seems scary to many I guess.. I know many people who have just stayed at 29! Those pancakes look delicious though!


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