Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fast Food. Really.

From the way I cook on here - the breads and sweets, especially - you guys are likely to think we eat like pigs! It's not true. In fact, we rarely eat everything I bake (I almost always take it to work - out of sight out of mind), and our meals are usually on the run or shared with family (my grandfather and little sister) so that we don't have a lot of leftovers. I am not a fan of leftovers. (With the exception of cold pizza, cold fried chicken and rewarmed mac-n-cheese. Huh. That's a healthful list...)

Quite often we're on our own for all our meals because our schedules are just so jam-packed that a) we're never home to eat together and b) sometimes I'll eat something that Brad's just not keen on. Take that photo at the top - you might not think that's not so appetizing but to me it looks awesome and it's a staple in my diet!

Sauteed zucchini in olive oil, buckwheat soba and shaved parmesan: I just about eat a variation of this everyday for lunch. Sometimes it's whole-wheat angel-hair pasta or brown rice instead of soba, and sometimes it's squash, cabbage, broccolli or snowpeas instead of zucchini (depends on my mood and the contents of the fridge), and sometimes I throw in fresh chopped garlic and onions (if I have any). Really. It's good. And while that parmesan isn't exactly low-fat (ew), a little bit never hurt anybody and it makes me happy. So I eat it. Moderation is they key to life, right?

How about you guys? Do you eat all you cook? Who do you share it with? And what is your go-to meal when you're short on time but absolutely starving, which is usually how I find myself when I slow down to eat!


  1. Oh my gosh my coworker was just talking about how she sauteed zucchini and garlic in olive oil to eat some pasta.


  2. Goodness help me if I ate all I cook! :-) Thankfully there are co-workers, right?

    My go-to meal, as glamorous as it is, is an egg-white omelet (I prefer egg-whites to Egg Beaters though I ate a lot of Egg Beaters when I was doing WW) with whatever toppings I have on hand... diced onion or green onion, fresh chives, tomatoes, turkey bacon, turkey deli meat, and a bit of cheese... sometimes topped with a dollop of salsa!

    I do, though, sometimes just saute whatever veggies I have on hand... last week did brussel sprouts, but more often broccoli, mixed veggies (frozen), etc. I must try this soba buckwheat... I'm not a huge pasta eater but I do like the Barilla Plus!

  3. I only eat this soba or whole-wheat pasta (I currently AM doing WW!) The only ww pasta I hate is Hodgson Mills. NASTY. The only place I've found the buckwheat soba, however, is the Harris Teeter at Thruway (I know you know where that is!)

    And we eat mostly frozen veggies. They're cheap, cleaned, chopped and don't have the sodium that can does. Voila! You're done.

  4. Ah Thruway! Love that Harris Teeter, Carving Board (!!!!), and yes, even the Fox & the Hound around the back... GREAT memories. Go Deacs.

  5. I love baking but my husband doesn't like baked goods and sweets, Abby.
    To stop me from eating it all and being the size of a house, I give them to my mother in law, sisters in laws and sometimes my father and my brother and sister (I just don't share more with them because they're never home). :)


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