Roasted Bok Choy (And a Delicious Runny Egg)

Roasted Bok Choy (And a Runny Egg)

These days it seems people live to disagree, and boy is there a laundry list of items that can get them riled up:
Around here you'll hear people get passionate about cabbage slaw on their North Carolina barbecue sandwich. Pile it on for me! But you better not let a spec of it make its way on to my dad's or my husband's sandwich. That's passion, right there.

I adore cabbage. Raw and sprinkled with salt is how Maw Maw used to give it to me when she was making slaw for our family fish fries. (Not too much, now, or you'll get a belly ache, she'd say.) Steaming it and coating it with butter is my favorite preparation on busy nights. I have two raised garden beds this year, and I planted four heads of cabbage. (I have three left, thanks to Mr. Bunny.) So yeah, in my experience people either love cabbage or they hate it, but there's not much in between.

And then there's the one thing that everybody has an immediate reaction to: a runny egg. (Go ahead. Turn to your friend or co-worker right now and ask them yay or nay.) I love a runny egg. Over grits, over buttered toast, over noodles, over brown rice, over Ramen, over pretty much any vegetable—including cabbage—and over bok choy to be exact.

So this roasted bok choy (and a delicious runny egg) served over brown rice was a perfect dinner for me. It was fresh, salty, spicy, and quick. (Did you catch that Oxford comma?) And cheap! In my opinion you just can't go wrong with fresh cabbage and a delicious runny egg. Debate closed.

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