Crystallized Ginger Cookies

crystallized ginger cookies lede

This is one of my favorite cookie recipes, and I only make them at Christmas. They're crisp at the edge and chewy in the middle. They're filled with jewel-like candied ginger. And they make your entire house smell like ... Christmas! They do, in fact, have a lot of ginger in them, and I've been known to leave out the powdered portion (a request from Brad). If I'm making them for myself, however, I put in all the called-for ingredients, and after they bake and they're cooling on the counter I brew a pot of strong coffee. It's the perfect pairing, especially sitting by your glowing Christmas tree watching the snow swirl around outside.

Crystallized Ginger Cookies by Mary at Alpineberry.

You'll notice my comment is the first in the list, and it's from 2006! These have been a favorite in our home for several years now. I can't give them a more glowing review.

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