Portugese Chicken Rice

Portugese Chicken Rice

This blog has and always will be about feeding my family. That's not to say that at times I won't try something new and a bit more involved, but it does mean that for the most part what you'll find here are recipes I've made for my family, enjoyed, and put into our meal rotation. It was a given, then, that when I ran across a blog called Full Bellies, Happy Kids it would pique my attention. And for good reason. I haven't made anything from it that we haven't loved. And this Portugese Chicken Rice is an excellent example.

I'm going to be honest: I don't know diddly squat about Portugal. I mean, I can Google it and tell you all kinds of interesting facts, such as it's the 14th-most peaceful and the 13th-most globalized country in the world. And Portuguese wines have deserved international recognition since the times of the Roman Empire. But you guys can look that stuff up for yourself. All I can tell you is that if this recipe is representative of its cuisine I must go there. (And the whole peacefulness bit doesn't hurt.)

Miss Sandra knows how to cook, and her family is a well-fed bunch, as you'll find if you visit her blog. Lucky for us she's sharing the wealth! I made this dish on a Sunday afternoon after church. You know, when you come home starving having decided to save money and avoid the restaurant rush. It comes together fast, and it uses ingredients we all have in our pantries. Plus, if your kid is anything like mine rice is always a hit.

So like I said. Family food. This is so definitely that.

Portugese Chicken Rice

Portugese Chicken Rice by Full Bellies, Happy Kids.

My changes include:
* Extra chicken and no chorizo (because I didn't have any that day).
* All homemade stock (no wine).
* 1 whole cup frozen green peas.
* No parsley.