Until We Meet Again

I don't know about you guys, but sometimes life gets so hectic I feel like I'm drowning in bills, responsibilities and expectations. This month is no different - especially coming off a long vacation!

In order to a) lose a few more pounds, b) move our remodeling along a bit more before the holidays roll around and c) just generally calm my nerves I'm going to be taking some time off around here - not that I won't be cooking and photographing it - I will be doing that - but all in preparation for my return! I'm thinking at this time it will be about a month - but then again this thing is kind of like crack for me and who knows how long I'll actually be able to stay away?

Fear not, however, that I won't be around at all. I'll certainly be reading your blogs and tagging your recipes for later use. So as summer winds to a close I wish you all (and myself) fewer calories, more energy and time to do all the things on your to-do list, too! See you in October.