Cheese Quesadillas

It was cold and rainy on Sunday so we hit Sunday School at church, but we decided to take off after that for a warm, spicy lunch and some serious couch time. After working both jobs and getting the yard and house ready for friends last weekend I was just exhausted. In fact, I'm often just exhausted, and our meals lately have been representatives of my just exhausted-ness.

We saw Rick Bayless make quesadillas on his PBS show, Mexico: One Plate at a Time, and Brad wanted them that. day. That was months ago, but we've kept his suggestions in mind and used them when we want to make homemade quesadillas. I have to admit that I'm still more of a fan of the ones served at Mexican restaurants, but these will do until I perfect my technique, without a doubt!

They're easy to make, so I don't really think that a recipe is necessary. Just make sure that you cook/toast/grill your tortillas before you stuff them - and don't forget the salt sprinkle! - before you stuff and melt them. TOTAL GOODNESS.

Mine? Queso, jalapenos, carmelized onions, fresh, homemade salsa and a bit of rotisserie chicken. His? Queso, Morningstar crumbles (we're healthful eaters these days), fresh, homeade salsa and a few jalapenos. And to me, that's the best part: Everybody gets exactly what they want.