Applesauce Spice Cake

Applesauce Spice Cake

Ah, Charleston.

It's pretty. There are lots of people my age. There is so much to do! The shopping is fabulous. And I have nothing to do but take long walks (one this morning); browse the Internet (lots of new recipes at BakeSpace!); and search for something quick and easy to (maybe) surprise my gracious hostess with when she comes home from rotation.

But let's get down to business here. That up there? That's applesauce. And that down there? That's an Applesauce Spice Cake I made with the applesauce (which I also made!) Whose recipes? Well, I found them at Simply Recipes - months ago, truth be told. Of course the date on Elise's post will show you when she posted it. And I did have plans to make it during apple season. I mean, I live in N.C. and our apple season is tops! But, well, life got in the way as usual. No matter, however, because there are glorious apples to be had year-round, and this bread is great with a hot cup of coffee or tea on a cold day. Plus, all the spice in it makes the house smell so glorious.

Applesauce Spice Cake

My two tweaks: Pecans not walnuts; and no raisins. (I've found raisins aren't always popular with the crowd that you share your goodies with. If you like them, however, more power to you. This cake is a great sweet to keep around the house all for yourself.)

I only had one problem. The bake time listed was waaaay less than I needed. It took my cake almost 65 minutes to bake through - but I'm not sure why. It didn't turn out dry, either. Old oven, tricky oven, fickle oven? Dunno. Either way, this cake (it's more like a bread, really) was great and was gone in a flash at work.

Highly recommended.

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