Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's All About the Sides: Garlic Rice Pilaf

Garlic Rice Pilaf

Okay, okay. If you must eat turkey on Thanksgiving (I jest ... maybe) please promise me that you'll have an old-fashioned ceramic boat filled with oh-so-good gravy. Then take that gravy and ladle it all over your entire plate, ahem, I mean your rice. Yes, yes you'll probably have some form of potatoes on your plate, too, which call out for a ladling, but in our house we eat rice more often than potatoes. And we cook it this way because it's so good and so easy. And if you also have an, um, choosy toddler who considers rice a vegetable (sigh) this is a nice switch from the plain jane white kind.

Garlic Rice Pilaf at Annie's Eats.

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  1. Gravy all over my plate and rice is a must for Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Rice is good! :)

    Funny story....McKenna says she doesn't like white rice. Well, one day so as not too hear complaining the sitter, Karolyn mixed yellow food coloring into the plain Jane white rice. She heard no whining about white rice. :)


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